Garden Supplies

Our garden area contains a fresh assortment of fertilizers, soils, seeds and pest control products to help your garden reach its full potential. 


Fertilizers & pest control

For nutrients, we carry 3D Organics, Advanced Nutrients, Botanicar, Dr Earth, Earth Juice, Fox Farm, General Hydroponics, Grow More, Hygrozyme, Maxsea, Nutririch, and many more! As for amendments, we carry, Bat Guanno, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Chicken Manure, Fish meal, Fish emulsion (bulk), Kelp Meal, Molasses (bulk), Oyster shell flour and many more!



We have a variety of seeds, such as: "Chico Mix" Lawn Seed, Rizing Star dwarf fescue, Pasture Blends, Cover Crops, Clovers and Legumes, Botanical Interest, Heirloom & Organic & many more. Give us a call to see if we have the ones you need in stock! 



We have a soil for anything! Such as: Black Gold, Fox Farm, Garden and Bloome, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, Perlite, Premier HP & Peat Moss, Roots Organic & More!